Saturday, June 9, 2012


Ok over on poptropica secrets SOME people think that jade is cyber bullying but she is not yeah she had some fights only because people were being mean to her she was only standing up for herself and believe me i have seen one of the fights that she was in on poptropica secrets and she did not start it and now people are saying she is being mean in the multiverse party but she is just competitive.


Very weird multiverse party

Ok so im at a multiverse party now with jade AKA bendy turtle.ayman arif AKA young hippo,short leopard,wild scorpion and ME!! everyone is turning each other into zombies and some people do not even know they are zombie or who turned them into zombies.Me and jade are the one that keep turning everyone into zombies and we laugh at them.Here are some pics

The people/group
Me laughing at WS AKA wild scorpion because i turned him into a zombie he thinks im a zombie well ha ha to him.

me asking jade if she can fly she said..''well only for brief moments''

What would you do IF the world was going to end on december 21ft of this year???

Ok since i got banned from poptropica secrets i was just looking through the comments and some people were saying what they would do if the world was going to end and you only had a few minutes to live.I would either just kill myself because i would not want to go through all of that suffering or get my laptop and say i  do not want to die like 20 times and thinking if i bring my computer with me to heaven i will still get to play poptropica and cry and cry and cry until finally i get killed and just before the rock hits me i will say....I WANT MONSTER CARNIVAL.And finall i would have a flash back of all of mt good times in life (which i pretty much poptropica)and say why do i have to die and why does poptropica have to die.Those are all of the possibilities that i would do IF the world ended on that day.Preyy sick eh??

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Know What Would Be a Good Island????

Well of course you do it would be a Harry Potter island  you would get to go too school at Hogwarts and go to the sorting hat  and go see Hagrid and Harry,Hermione and Ron.You will have all sorts of adventure And hopefully they will use my costume idea.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The votes are in!!

Ok the votes for this poll are in Night Crawlers and yellow jackets got 0%Seraphim,Flying Squid and Wild Fire got 1%Black Flags and Path Finders got 2%And the winner is Nano Bots with3%

Friday, June 1, 2012

I have been here a long time

Wow i have already had this blog for a month it seems like yesterday i only had 5 viewers and 2 blog posts.You know what they say time flies when you're having fun!!Just like Poptropica i remember when the only island out was Early Poptropica.Now 27 going on 28 islands wow Poptropica is growing up!And to tell you the truth i don't even like Potropica Friends.It is just un-fair to nonmembers Poptropica used to be the only virtual world that was fair!Well,it still is and another diary of a wimpy kid island why don't they just make another Astro Knights island and even harder or another Big Nate island and even easier!!! so wow a month.BYE!!

I have 16 more days left of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am so happy 16 more days till freedom but,im kinda gonna miss school because you can not see your friends because they are all going on trips but im lucky i might be spending the summer with my cousins.